Benchmarking Reports

Innovative Practices in Human Resources

This research report presents innovative practices being used to improve employee services and reduce operating costs. Designed for HR managers and teams chartered to improve HR, this report presents an overview of new processes and technologies changing how HR operates. Each section presents an overview of the practice, advantages and disadvantages, implementation suggestions, vendor contacts, cost factors and company examples. Some topics include: Internet employee services, call centers, 360-degree performance appraisals, strategic HR and more. Click here for more information.

Best Practices in Managing Change

More than 100 companies share experiences in managing change and building executive sponsorship. This study includes benchmarking data on the most effective communication methods, addressing employee resistance, and training measures used. (more information)

new-bubb.gif (275 bytes) Future Role of IT in Business Process Reengineering

205 companies contribute insights on building partnerships between IT and operations during major change initiatives. This benchmarking report examines the current and future roles of IT during organizational change and how to optimize working relationships. Click here for more information.

Best Practice Profiles

Profiles are presented as succinct and practical case studies that describe what a company has done, how that practice has been implemented, and how the business impact is measured. HR categories include Staffing Strategy, Team-Based Management, and Performance Measurement. These profiles are based on leading Australian companies. (more information)

Human Resources Benchmark

The Hackett Group
The Best Practices Benchmark Study collected data on 22 specifically defined processes, including health and welfare plans administration, employee absence management, training and development and resource planning. Click here for major findings and ordering information.

People Management Resource

People Management Resource offers benchmarking reports with case studies. Reports include the 1997 Best Practices Report, Recreating the HR Function, Staffing and Selection, Performance Measures and Rewards, and Training and Leadership Development. Names of the companies are listed in the report.

General Human Resources

Advancing Women in Business: The Catalyst Guide
Best Practices from Corporate Leaders
Learn about best practices such forward-thinking companies as Deloitte & Touche, J.C. Penny, and Motorla have used to leverage the skills and intellect of women workers. Draws on Catalyst research in all the best practices areas: mentoring, recruitment, compensation, performance evaluation, sexual harassment programs, workplace flexibility, work/life balance, work organization, diversity, and women’s networks, as well as career development and succession planning. More information.

Human Resource Champions: The Next Agenda for Adding Value and Delivering Results
Ulrich, David.
The author argues that the roles of human resource professionals must be redefined to meet the competitive challenges organizations face today and into the future. He provides a framework that identifies four distinct roles of human resource professionals: strategic player, administrative expert, employee champion, and change agent. This hardcover is offered through the Harvard Business School of Publishing and is 304 pages. Purchasing information.

The Wake Up Call: Human Resource Competencies for the Year 2000
Schoonover, Dr. Stephen C.
This research project used multiple data sources and thematic analysis of interviews and focus group feedback to clarify functional challenges, define critical human resource roles, and develop competency definitions and behaviors to support each role. The report presents an approach for designing and implementing competency systems that work for HR or any other function. More information.

Accountability in Human Resource Management (Improving Human Performance Series)
Phillips, Jack J.
Presents a nine-step, results-based human resource model for creating, analyzing, and executing successful HR, and offers a human resources effectiveness index to measure HR performance. Shows how to uncover and monitor the costs of HR programs, how to design data collection instruments, and how to calculate the return on investment, using an actual safety incentive program as an example. Review the table of contents and learn about purchasing information.

Business Driven Human Resource Management
Hussey, D.E.
This book provides a general framework which shows how every HR area can link to the corporate vision, values, strategies and policies, both in a reactive and proactive way. Case studies of HRM are included to illustrate how the model may be modified and applied in practice. View the table of contents and purchasing information.

The 8 Practices of Exceptional Companies: How Great Organizations Make the Most of Their Human Assets
Fitz-Enz, Jac
Presents the top “human asset management” practices uncovered during the author’s four-year study of more than 1000 companies worldwide and shows how other organizations can adopt them as their own. Click here for more information, the table of contents, and purchasing information.

Tomorrow’s HR Management: 48 Thought Leaders Call for Change
Ulrich, David, Michael R. Losey, and Gerry Lake (editors)
The Society for Human Resource Management presents a guide to human resources as it moves into the 21st century. An international panel of contributors offers insights on everything from the best human resource practices to important trends. View the table of contents and purchasing information.